A simple, quiet, and kind person

Studied in Malaysia since 1998, moved to Singapore for Work upon graduating, Stayed in Singapore for 2 years, got my PR, and now I am back to this very hometown – Dumai.

Graduated from Inti International University College in Malaysia, with First Class Honors Bachelor Degree BSC in Network Computing from Coventry University, UK. Worked at Compex Systems Pte. Ltd and International Application Systems Pte. Ltd. (Subsidiary of IBM Companies) in Singapore as Technical Support and later as IT Helpdesk.

In 2008 September 14 I started my own business in Computer Retail from ground zero, without specific knowledge of how to set the correct margin, how to build up a PC, how to have a good marketing, finance, accounting, and manage staffs. I started as one man show, without any staffs. There on, I got two interns who spend their internship with me. After their internship, I hired them as my technician. And I got a few sales to help me. Do check out the Link on the Menu: My Store to know more about my business.

In 2011 I joined KOMISI – Komunitas Sales Indonesia, and as of 2016 December I was promoted to take charge of KOMISI’s publicity, social media and mailing list. I have basic skills and knowledge in programming, design, network, computing, photography, troubleshooting and services in IT.

As in hobby, I love to swim and cycle. I love going to the gym to attend the Body Combat classes last time, and would love to go for one too if I have the chance and place permits. I have vast knowledge in smartphone and IT industries, been constantly following the trends and the upcoming products and services.

Recently I joined a direct selling company from Singapore in June 2015 with few friends, knowing at first that it might help us improve my income. But it is not always the money that turns out to be the most valued reward. The ability to help others gain their health, seeing the sick getting back their smile, their hope; fight together with them during the hard time; and finally seeing their family all happy again with the results. From there on, those who joined us as a team and fight together, shall then yields a good outcome to support their family. Still phasing through this business, as it is not as easy as 1 2 3, but need a long term commitment, hardwork, and dicipline to achieve a greater results.

Lastly, this quote was quoted by the CEO of this company, and I believe it is a must for everyone to follow in order to achieve more. It has been translated to Bahasa Indonesia, but I hope it can be understood.

“Tidak ada orang yang bersedia untuk mengubah situasi mereka dengan sesuatu yang baru kecuali dia merasa perlu. Dengan demikian, para guru besar seringkali mendorong para siswa untuk mengkaji kehidupan nyata tempat mereka berada, daripada tinggal di dalam khayalan yang indah dan kehidupan yang tidak berguna.” – Plato

That’s all folk.


Andi Wu, BSc (hons)

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