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Books – Sales In You by Remaja Tampubolon

I collect books, I’ve bought quite lots of good books, but I read them slowly. There are lots still in the storage that waits for turn for me to read them and apply them all. Mostly are motivational books. So, let me share with you all what I’ve been reading, and how beneficial they are.

I found myself to have a passion in Sales and doing Marketing. Know why? Because everytime I was asked to do some book keepings, some management, I will tend to procrastinate. But when comes to promotional things, stuffs to improve sales, how to achieve the sales target, designing the brochures, banners and so on, I came alive and do them with fun feeling.

But as an entrepreneur, I can’t run my business by just focussing on sales and marketing. Definitely I must manage the staffs, the accounts, the goods, and the other aspects as in a good organization. Wish I could get through this problem soon, and I can get myself to be working in time.

Back to the book. Its about the real passion in a great Sales Person. Sales here does not “ALWAYS” refer to the people who goes around from door to door offering goods. Sales are almost in everything that we do. A simple example is when you try to persuade your son to eat his meal, you are actually selling the ideas to him, by doing some selling process. More or less like this. For me, as an entrepreneur who have had ZERO sales background, as I am ex-Technical Support, I find SALES is really an important thing in a company. Why? I started off my company without any employees. The only person working is me. Yeah, One Man Show. In September 2008, I opened up my Computer Store, without much goods displayed, without much technical or even sales background. I do not even start with a GRAND OPENING SALES or something. Nowadays, if you opened up a business and did not do any promotion to attracts people, it will be slow for you to move further.

So, here I am now, 4 years of working for my own, employing up to 7 employees, and I am still lack in skills and knowledge. Never stop learning, learn from other’s experiences, and while you progress, remember clearly, as they are all your experience that gonna count and make you a better person and make your business a better business.

So, Sales in You, is a recommended reading for everyone. Be it you are a company director, you are a newspaper boy, or anything. As long as you want to find out the SALES in You. The real sales person that people thinks wrongly before this. Proove it! Books available in Gramedia Bookstore, and published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

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