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Perbedaan Antara Marketing dan Sales

We often hear people argue about the position of Marketing and Sales. Some if you call them sales, they will deny and tell us that they are Marketing instead, not a sales. Sales in their mind is a person who go from house to house, walking around offering some goods. Sometimes they are annoying, and sometimes are suspicious. Those are the impression on sales person. That was the old days by the way.

The real sales is a profesion where someone is offering goods or services in any form and method for a purpose of selling. There are many kind of sales, like tele-sales, direct sales, online sales, sales at shop, and many more you can think of as long as their purpose is to sell; they are SALES. Then what is marketing? marketing is the mind behind sales. Marketing is the one who bring in customers, doing all the publicity and attention drawing jobs either through ads, promotion, newsletter and many more.

The picture below is quoted from KOMUNITAS SALES INDONESIA (KOMISI), A Comparison created by Mr. Galatia Chandra, for the purpose of telling what are sales and marketing were about. I hope with this, it will be clear in your mind, and do spread this article if you find it useful.

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