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Living in A Small Town

Its been sometimes since I scribbles something here. Well today’s incident and what has been going on these past few weeks has made me thinking a lot.

Living in this small town since I was born in 1983, actually does me some good. Only when I was already a grown up, living overseas for over 10 years, learning different culture and living, I started to hate the way of living here a lot.

Eversince I came back from overseas, I curse a lot, I get mad easily, I get stressed most of the time. Periodically I try to adjust, but certain times things are still the same.

Living in a small town is good as in lower living expenses, lesser entertainment and shopping thus you will spend more time with family. Facilities were not complete though.

Last two week, I attendend 5th Anniversary of KOMISI which I have been following since the beginning. I met a lot of people, I get to know great people, and friends. Being me the Introvert, I can’t seems to get a long easily with everyone, just a small group of people. Although I get to know every new faces from every event. My experiences with group of friends from Palembang this year were great. I feel welcomed and even had the greatest laugh moment till tears flowing out of my eyes. Yeah, that kind of laugh is what we all missed a lot. Thank you friends.

I still have plenty of friends out there, although we were all separated by islands, towns, countries, but I do miss you all sometimes.

After coming back from Bali, I fell ill the next week. I can’t sleep well since I came back. There are plenty of thoughts in my head. Maybe I had too many dreams and missions pending.

Also Perhaps for not controlling my water intake and the food I consumed. I got heavy headache and common cold. After four days still not much improvement, I went and get another med, and Thank God today I feel much much better. I had better sleeps, lesser thoughts going on in my head.

I try to stay away from my smartphone, phonecalls, or even business matters. Full hibernation, but still my presense is needed. Without much problem, I try to take care few of them and delegate to my precious wife. Thanks to her to take care of me, the kids and business while I am away and not well.

Today I feel good, not till this evening when a customer came complaining about his dead phone which he bought last week, and asking for refund or exchange to a new one. My staffs tried their best to follow the guidelines, but being a customer who still think “Customer is King”, my staffs gave up and came up to me instead. And customer is also asking to see the boss immediately.

Being still in recovery state, I tried not to take care this matter and ask them to wait for my wife instead. But being pushy, the customer insisted. My staff has lost their patience too and called me through the phone and asked the customer to talk to me directly.

Being so pushy and claiming he is from media got me on my nerves again. I told him, do you know what age we are living on now? I have met plenty of threats of the same kind. Now do you feel your phone is important? And do you know my rights as a person? I have my rights to rest and not meeting you. If I am not in this state, I could have come and settle it up with you. Being pushy, now I am in the progress of checking with the Service Centres of what we can do to help your case. So just wait. If you can’t wait and stay wise, How are we going to show respect and serve you properly?

Seriously I can’t control much. Although I know I just have to listen to their rants, tell them I understand how it felt, I will sort it out for you, but I need sometimes.

I just can’t stand people who are pushy, wanting something so immediate, but if I tried giving it to them and in the end they are at fault, will they send my an appologies? No. That kind of customers only think one way. Even if they are at fault.

Well, I finally found two alternatives for him though from my discussions with the service center. Let this be done.

Back to the thoughts in my head these past week, what can I offer people when I meet them? What business I had that I can sell to anyone anywhere? Where do I start? Or Did I just had too many things at once? Should I just get back to IT and expand it from there?

So many thoughts, that makes my road tangled up. I have to straighten that up and made it back to Highway pretty soon. End of the year 2016 is up, and 2017 is coming soon. Chinese New Year too.

I wish all of you a good days ahead, being on a highway to success and stay at your best Health and Fitness.

Andi Wu

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