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How’s Life Been? Live Healthy, Eat Healthy, Work Healthy

That’s all I wanted to achieve the balance. Live, Eat, Work healthily. Been riding bicycle again recently and trying to have it more regularly. 1 hour bike ride is kinda good enough everyday. Miss those long ride now, since some of us have no time to workout earlier to cope with the time taken. So, we have only the option for ride after 5pm everyday, except on Sunday. While on Sunday, some of us do like to rest at home instead, to clear up all the hardworks during worktime.

Below is my history of ride taken with Endomondo. Its nice to review what we have achieved from time to time. So we can find our stand, and persist further.

wouldn’t it bee good if the graph is filled up more, at least 20 days in a month?

Same with work, and eating habit. Have to really control my working time (that is to make sure I am working at my full concentration during working hours), and eat less portion, less meat and oily foods to achieve a leaner body.

Next need to add on some body weight exercise in the morning or evening to facilitate more muscle and fat burning.

Happy Good Friday everyone. Of course the motivation must be always burning on.

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