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Waking Up Early

Its nice to wake up early, experience the sky ambience changing and the smell of the fresh morning air. Woke up at 6.30 today, not that early for some of you perhaps, but early enough for me to get ready to send Ashley to pre-school, breakfast, go to bank and settle some early morning work without disturbances. Very nice.

Breakfast out was uninteruptible as there aren’t many people yet this early at the coffee shop, so food were served quite fast and I finish early. Would be faster if I had breakfast at home. Then I came to think of things to do and finish off this early morning. And voila, they are done. Very nice feeling.

Then came this mind of trying to wake up at 5 am, go for a 1 hour bicycle ride, got back home latest by 6.30am, then get ready to send Ashley for school. Plenty much time to spend the good morning with. But, I have to sleep latest by 10 pm the night before, earliest by 9 pm. Can we do that? For good maybe? I should try them one day, or soon. The feeling of riding roadbike early in the morning around town on empty road.

Chinese New Year is in 15 more days, even dream of going shopping for my new pair of jeans. Damn I need shopping. That’s one disadvantages of living in this tiny little town with no shopping center or mall that can supply what I need.

That’s all for today, shall work out more, wake up early more and do better stuffs in my daily activities.

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