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Nando’s Chicken – Boneless Chicken Breast with Three Beans Salad

So, had a chance to visit Nando’s again on my visit to Malacca on 1st February 2015. Had lunch there by myself, had a very nice juicy chicken breast: butterfly-cut, flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. I really enjoyed it, despite the three beans salad which is kinda too much. They should not differentiate the regular sides and fino sides for set meal. If you choose regular sides, you will get 2 sidelines, if Fino sides you only have 1 choice.

And I had this Cytrus Bliss for drink, which consists of Refreshing mint syrup, grapefruit juice and Sprite coupled with the ice cubes and fresh mint leaves. So refreshing, especially after walking through the hot sun that afternoon. Perfect companion.

Till the next post. I think I gonna make this a food blog soon.

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