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Radish Cake / Kuih Lobak at Jonker Walk, Malacca – Malaysia

So, during my trip to Malacca on 1st February 2015, since its Sunday, we purposely make it possible to visit Jonker Walk to enjoy the environment which we have been missing. This is our weekly hang out place while studying in Malacca during 1998 era. We used to cycle inside this street too, which is impossible nowadays cos its getting more crowded.

So, we have few targets when coming to Jonker Walk. One of it is this Radish Cake. I remember there is auntie who used to sell it. Perhaps now is replaced by her son, since the location and business machine is still similar.

This is located near the Geographer Cafe, right in the middle of Jonker Street. When I walked by, the cook is not around, all I see is this auntie cutting the radish cake using fishing line, and I just gave my order to her. Some girls passed by, wanted to order but not noticed and ignored by this auntie. So they both were looking at each other, looking at me as I Was standing right in front of the stall. Perhaps they wonder, wei? what we do now? How do we order? People ignore us lah! Eh but that guy is standing there waiting leh, maybe he is ordering too, lets just wait. Perhaps these are the conversations in their mind at that time. LOL.

Radish cake

So, after awhile, the guy came by, got order spoken by, and so we paid for our order first. Then I continue to watch from the back. This is the perfect spot as I can capture the cook, and also the customers. Would be perfect if I had a DSLR with me. But Oppo Find 7a is nice enough to bring this beautifully captured photos, although not that sharp.

Kuih lobak / Radish Cake, yummy. Had it at Jonker street, Malacca Malaysia. Had a chance to see the making from start. The first one to order, till the crowds came in. Stay tuned for the next photo when the radish cake is ready. #radish #cake #lobak #kuih

So, what are the ingredients? Eggs, radish cake, dark soy sauce, lots of garlic, and some chilis at the end. Cooked in the pan with some oil.

Radish cake

So, that’s the last phase of the preparation, everyone eagerly waiting for theirs. I can see that a lot of people was attracted by the making process, and then proceed with the order just to give it a try. Especially mostly are tourists here.

Radish cake is done, add some chilis for those who wants spicy, and voila. A sweet and salty fragrant yummy radish cake is ready to be consumed. Look at the crowd waiting for their orders. #radish #cake #delicacies #malaysia #malacca #jonkerwalk #jonkerst

So this is the radish cake I had. Should have opted for spicy one, and had it while its hot right from the pan. Salty, Fragrant, Sweet and Nice.

Radish cake

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