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Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves

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At times, I Came to see the weaknesses in my business, in me, and also in my staffs; including everyone within my visibility. I tried and tried to overcome it and fix them, but there are no results. Some people say: Change yourself before you change others, the one need changes is you. You can’t change the world.

But then, everytime I look deeper into the problems, it gets harder and has no enlightment.

And so one day I came to think of this, Why would you bother with all the weaknesses, problems that are from the inside of the people? Think from this perspective instead: What can they deliver for you? What are their strenghts that you can derived from, take full advantage from, to reach your goal and target?

Perhaps this way, we can focus on growing up better and faster. Sometimes when thinking about growing up, I always thought of getting rid of all the bad habits, bad attitude, all the lacking of these people in order to move on. But seems it is not the way.

I will try injecting more positive attitude, more positive ideas, and focus on our strengths. Hopefully in 2015 we can excel better and improve way way further than the pasts.

Just like the quotes at top of this article: “Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves”.

Just believe it, and Act upon it. For better 2015.

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