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Lessons Learnt from The Apprentice Asia

Well, this week, The Apprentice Asia has reached the 3rd episode, and I learnt a lot from few perspective: As a boss, As an employee, and As a team.

Apparently this is what we can learn from The Apprentice series. And for supervisor, you can learn the way the Tony Fernandes’s supervisors way of viewing things and analysing the staffs’ performances.

Third Episode, we learnt that choosing the right product that suits our personality and target market is very important. Like the Team Mavericks who had limited edition products and high end products, it shows that their target at Giant is a failure, but target at Sogo works out perfectly. But, it would be better if we can had both market as well, that is by managing the price and package for each target consumer. Like for Giant, perhaps they are more focus on how many units they can sell at a good value. Low selling price and good margin is what in their mind. That’s from what I see.

As per Sogo, their importance is the features and benefit of the products, and high margin. So, from the team mavericks who had limited edition rice cooker, the high end BenQ projectors and the cool folding bike, Team Mavericks can perform it really well to Sogo. And it caught their attention a lot.

Then as for the small markets chase, both team does not do as good, the girls made 150 phone calls, and only 10 approved for appointments, whilst the guys only go for 3 shops. Knowing the area really well is a must, and knowing where to go for such products is a matter of positioning the products.

Like the team Apex, they once went to a folding bike specialist shop, and saying the bike is good and so on, which I found its not enough to convince the shop manager whilst from the specialty of the shop itself, we can clearly see that the manager knows folding bike markets and products inside out. So, they can gain the shop’s trust only if they can provide more values and knowing the benefits of the products from the other bikes in the market.

So towards the end, Dusadee from team Apex resigns herself from the team since she couldn’t stand the noise, the team members who are stepping on each other to survive. Since its a competition, from my point of view, its tough and the condition is normal. One has to stand by it and keep persistence to survive. One by one will be fired anyway, if you persist, you may stay on top and be the winner. No point of giving up too early just because of emotions.

The same to Hendy in the first episode who are bringing the two strongest team member to the board roam to be fired. He clearly is comitting suicide. Its either he doesn’t know the way of the game, or he is taking blame as a team leader for not being able to control the team better.

Since we started from the third episode, I am going back down to Episode one where the teams are sent to wet market to sell seafoods. Product knowledge, setting pricing, labeling the goods, and sell of tactics is learnt here. finishing the goods is not the main concern in business, but making profit is the main concern. Team Apex sold off their seafoods with LOSS from the prawns which were sold at cheap price and not separated accordingly to each prawn category. And their last sell offs is of big discount, as in a package price.

But sadly, Team Mavericks had more loss than team Apex. Why? Selling their goods before pricing is set, before labeling the goods properly and knowing the goods inside out. Bad move is everyone is doing their own favor, and not as a team. Not communicating, being carried out through their ego and emotions. I would say too excited to see crowded customers who knows the goods and price way more than them, and they got hijacked by the aunties who are setting their own price which then ended up as the team’s biggest loss. This is a consequences of having a team of strong people, but with leader who can’t control them. Luckily on the third episode, Andrea joins in, and did able to control the boys a little. As for Samuel, I think his way of sounding out the suggestions or ideas need to be changed. So it can be accepted by the teams. By barking in and keep insisting will not help much.

On second episode, the teams are asked to make a Viral video campaign for Expedia. Meaning of Viral itself if not understand properly, then you are a loser. That happenned in team Mavericks. Samuel’s idea of making something similar to richard branson’s becoming Air Asia’s stewardress is actually will be a viral campaign, but was refused by the team. And the sales ninja who always like to play safe, got eliminated. Although their video is good, but its not viral. Its more towards Advertising.

Well, that’s all about The Apprentice Asia. Its a must watch every Wednesday at AXN Asia (8.05 PM GMT +7). While joting down these analysis and lessons I learnt from The Apprentice Asia, I hope we can learn and upgrade ourselves to be more competent and reliable.

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