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Cause, Effect and Lesson


I believe in law of attraction, what you did before, resulted in an effect afterwards, and after the effect has been accepted, lessons learnt and new experience obtained.

Be it good or bad, everything that happen is for our own good, for our own development. Only if you can think of it in the positive way.

For example, in front of my shop has no bridge currently, some neighbour who has few cars but sadly no place at all to park them, park it horizontally right in front of our shop. First, we will think of it as annoyances and disturbances. He blocked our view, and blocked our business. Damn it, there are still plenty of spaces out there for proper parking, yet you are blocking our view.

When we think from the other perspective, it is actually somewhat useful in flatening the land that is not even and muddy by his car’s weight. So, our road will be flatter and later on will be easier to park.

So as to my motorcycle incident, that almost caught in accident, then followed by my calf burnt by the exhaust pipe. Afterall thats probably the effect from my fast driving out there and like to horn on dumb ass who drive like they are on vacation or honeymoon doing sight seeing. Lots of people drive at 10-20 km/h here, and it sucks. So, lessons learnt, I drove more cautious now, start slowly, afterall the engine can be saved as well from overburnt or wear. Then finding the medication for the burnt skin, been using antiseptic solution lately, until today someone pointed out placenta cream which is the better solution. And I can share it with my mom who often got cooking oil burnt on her finger.

A good cause in the end. I once imagine, if I were driving a car that time, I could have banged that old man and he probably can’t move away due to riding his motorcycle fast on turning road. That’s even worst effect which then make me thinking and see it from the brighter side.

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