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Fixing Our Beliefs

Howdy, its been awhile since I last wrote something. I will try to share more often, and perhaps once in awhile in English and Indonesian language.

Since following ERASE Workshop last June in Pekanbaru, I felt that my subconscious is always at the awareness state, and met lots of Clicked Moment, which makes me recalling all the past memories, and thoughts. Well, it seems they are asking those to be fix and clear to a correct thoughts and beliefs.

Believing in surviving the economy crisis right now is “Adequate” is not right. Even when the economy is bad, there are people who still succeeds and earning more than we have. Losing money every month is not GOOD either, that means we are wasting our time and effort. AND We are not Working Hard and Smart enough to succeed in our business.

I came to think of the time of no worries few years back, and my business get to grow from month to month, until a year and after that it stays right at that spot and going up and down. I came to think again, what is actually the problem? Is it my plan to make the business autopilot, and then my way of implementing is wrong and too fast to let loose the control? And worst of all, lack of focus in searching for opportunities within that industry itself.

Believing in wrong thing, might result in wrong outcome, that we never improve, or even move. Our time is all wasted, whilst our competitors and friends are moving all the way up up up and suddenly we felt so small and weak. It is different when we first started up, we have no fear, we aimed to be better than the competitors although we are new and fresh. Having this kind of thoughts and bravery all the way up is supposedly to make us stronger and better. If we lose this spirit, then we are done.

So, lets check our beliefs, see whether it is right or not? Check with your friends, your mentors, your seniors, see their perspectives, and judge yourself. But out of all, act it out, fix it, and CHASE the broken DREAMS. Its never too late to rocket your way up higher than before. Afterall, being in the ordinary level makes us learn and get slapped all the time, now its time to WAKE UP, and Believe in the Right Way.

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