Learning through Movies

Watching Movies or videos are good. You can remember it easily rather than reading book.

Lately, its a new progress of learning for me. I feel that I really need to keep on learning things, upgrade my self and my business as well. There is no way to stay still and let days passes by. The same I am implying to my employees as well. If they are lazy to learn, soon there are going to leave this side of business.

One movie that I gained a few way of behaving in life, is a Korean drama titled: King’s 2 Hearts. Its a story about a new King who surpases his brother after his brother was assasinated by an enemy. The late king’s vision is to achieve a peaceful Korea by getting together North and South Korea into peace relationship, as well as the North’s South’s Marriage (late king’s brother with North Korea’s lady who was from a special forces army).

They get through lots of heavy challenges and a matter of death or alive encounters. They have to get through traps made by the enemy (Club M), which some are challenging their clear thoughts, whether they can control their emotion to get through the hard time, and not falling into the traps.

Its a good learning process. Staying calm, be wise, believe in yourself that you can do it, have a success vision in your head always, and go all out for the war. In the end, victory will always be yours, eventhough the enemy will always be around no matter how many of them get beaten or killed. Stay to the vision and be persistent.

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