Unusual Monday Seems Good

Well, its Monday again, some people might not like Monday, as we are pampered too much during weekend. Same to my daughter whom refuse to wake up, then refuse to take shower to get ready to school. She was late for her Pre-School today. And I woke up just like usual, and started wearing a new shirt I bought during last trip, with my great pair of dark jeans.

Had breakfast at home now, for Monday-Friday, and for Today, I wear more formal to go out for an event. A socializing talk regarding the tender laws to prevent unhealtyh practise. So, the even was at 9.00 am. I am ready with breakfast at 8.30 am, wear my leather shoes and drive to the venue. Upon reaching, its 8.48am, not many people was seen. Hang out awhile inside the car, then headed inside. I was number 14 on the registration book. Took the materials, and sit at the corner back.

Time passed by, its 10.00 am and now only it will start. Very well, 1 hour late from the schedule. And I can still see people come at 10.00 am as well. What kind of dicipline is this? By this time, I would have been already working in front of my iMac, and settling some deals. Now I am seated here waiting. I salute the Army/Navy/AirForce leaders who come on time before 9.00 am.

So, it started at 10.00 am, few intro speech, then coffee break. WOOT! Okay well, now everyone go out of the room for break. I thought there was something like Coffee and pastries out there for queueing, nothing. Turn out its the snack box they are distributing earlier that are meant for coffee break. No coffee also, only mineral water cup. 😛 Then I see some people are leaving. I was thinking, should I follow their path?

I’m here already, waited for an hour, and now I go off? Will it be a waste? Then I think, set your value. How much your time worth, how much are you for an hour? So I get away from the event and got back to my office starting my work. What an unusual start for Monday right. Well, its quite good actually, I didn’t feel any tension or any manic monday feel.

Start your day with things that you love to do, or something else light, and you shall be happy to get through the day with the rest of the tasks.

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