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Haze oh Haze

Got sick very often while back here in Indonesia. Couldn’t remember clearly when is the last time I visited Singapore, breathe their clean air, live their healthy life and behave in their appropriate rules.

Turn out this is one of the problem we face every year, and perhaps in my town, every few other months. When you go on an aeroplane, all you get to see from far is PALM Oil plantations everywhere. No more paddy fields, no more mongroove and so on. Its okay for business and town’s growth, good for economy. But they just don’t learn and use the proper method for clearing the plants. They burnt it down for sake of CHEAPer solution.

So, wake up every other morning, and all I see through my backyard is this view. The sun is hidden by thick haze. The air is so bad that you don’t even want to breath.


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