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Busy is Good

Sometimes back, read some articles of people with no plan for the next day or the whole day. Just like you wake up, had breakfast then don’t know what else to do for the day. Life like that can be sucks sometimes. We wish to be free sometimes, free from hectic life, enjoy some life by waking up late, just sit down at couch watching movies or reading magazines. But thats better to be kept for Weekend, and weekdays always better filled with activities.

I kinda miss beeing busy, and have all future tasks ready to be assigned and accomplish.

When my daughter has school, I tend to wake up early, sleep early, and its very productive. Most of my works finish very early in the day. Then I am left with nothing else. Now I need to find something else to add on to this daily routines.

Few of thems are:
1. Blogging
2. Post newsletter for customer
3. Post tips to my Tech blog to be shared
4. Find some other side business to load

Perhaps side business is better for more side income to fulfil my lifestyle and family needs.

2 More days to Christmas, and still finding areas to improve be it myself, my store, my employees and my store’s goods. Hopefully I can get it all ready for 2014 and fighting.

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