Got Money, Does It Always Means You Are Everything?

Society really differs a lot from developing countries, comparing to developed countries. And from smaller scale we can say smaller town than big cities. Civilization of people are not balanced. Some are really uncivilized, living in their comfort zone of being the so called KING in their place, having lots of properties, big companies with many relatives conquering every aspects of businesses. This is so called Kampunng’s Tycoon can’t really think out of the box.

Sorry for the rant, but this is the fact of living in such small town. When I lived in Singapore and Malaysia for the past of my youths, We learn to behave, we learn to follow the rules, we know there are laws to obey, and what can be said, what shouldn’t be said, and lastly how to behave properly in the society.

Back to the first time I am back to this very country, and this very small town where I was born in, I started to change slowly outside, but inside I still feels not right. I see people cutting queues, I see people talking bad about people, scolding, shouting, terroring, and all sorts of uncivilized behaviors. I feel like I need to get away from this life, and get back my old lifestyles which I feel are much better and organized. But the society doesn’t mean so for that kind of lifestyle.

Even in the internet locally, some are civilized, some are not. Some are like monkeys from the deep forests shouting and attacking in havoc. Perhaps people who have studied, have see the world, at least travel to neighboring countries, or even leave in big cities, they tend to be more civilized and have manner in their doings. Sadly im my community, this kind of people are really less and hard to come by. Especially from the same ethnics.

That’s why we often say, it is easier to sell and provide services to the local ethnics rather than the same ethnics. Because they can understand better, even some are poor, they never eat you alive from trying to get discounts and getting the best they could. While the rich sometimes (SOME, not everyone; at least the uncivilized one) with their piled of moneys, they will try to give you the least they could try, and gain as much as they want from you.

Saying about warranty of products you sell, some which has softwares in it. Let say you purchase that thing. Warranty is on hardware only. Software side, its your problem if you fail it with your doings. Then you come over after 3-4 months of usage, complaining it is slow, always hang, sometimes shut off by itself and all sorts of problems you can think off to make it sounds bad. Then we try to fix it, find the culprits with that limited “REAL” and “HONEST” information. So, finally we restore the software back to its original and it behaves normally like it should. Then we charge for a service amount, let say SGD 10 / USD 6. If you are rich, this amount shouldn’t be a problem right? It probably just a meal for one person for you. For us? its like our future depends on it.

So, when the goods are collected, not even checked by the owner, here comes the phone call. Why do I have to PAY again? (Again? You only paid for the purchase and no others). This is services for God Sake! We fix your problems. We do some labour, spent some hours and breath to fix that Fucking problem you faced with this particular device which is your responsibilites. And you are not willing to pay for it. Even when we explain that softwares does not come with warranty, we find the problem is on the software and not the hardware so we restore it. And your greatest answer was: “You deliver it with faulty software to us, and that’s your mistake, and you are asking me to pay for it?”

HALLLOOO! Rich man, even the riches never bother about it that much and just paid. Even your staffs who collected it, asked about how much that laptop you gave to your daughter cost? and when we said the amount, they reply: “wah, quite an amount. Lucky girl”. And you are trying to escape paying. Fine. Now check that damn goods properly, is there any more problem? Does it feels good already? That means we delivered it with working softwares. In few months time if you come and blame again, probably its your stupid self trying to make a story again. And I am willing to loose such customer rather than having to have my staffs working out of their breath without pay from such customer like you.

Readers/Stalkers, if you read this, try to put yourself as the customer. And feel it deep within your heart and think with your most logic brain, what do you feel?

Nuff said. Period! This town sucks.

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