Preparing for New Year 2012

Its about 10 more days, we gonna move on to Year 2012. Lots of learnings to be done still, and changes to perfections yet to be accomplished.

Learnt a lot lately, and Today I found that there are lots of friends out there who have gone through the same. Thanks to Komunitas Sales Indonesia (KOMISI) which brings together all the sales people around Indonesia, and everyone were willingly helpful in any conditions.

In case you are wondering what is KOMISI and would like to find out further, or even joining the community, feel free to go to www.Facebook.com/KomunitasSalesIndonesia or subscribe to our Yahoo Groups mailing list @ KomunitasSalesIndonesia@yahoogroups.com

Some plans I had in mind was not accomplished this time – renovating the shop, but some are just in the progress. Its better something rather than nothing right?

So, business is going up and definitely must go up further in 2012. Health wise, still controllable, thanks to cycling. Shall cycle more, and add on some weight training which I have not managed to do so. And definitely to cut off the flabs through controlled diet. I can do it previously, and there is no reason to say impossible this time around.

That’s all for now, more regular posts with pictures shall be up soon.

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