Too Many Public Holiday and Its Effect

Well, what a week. With two public holiday on alternating day, one on Tuesday, and another one on Thursday. The impact? The town felt so peaceful, not so crowded, business is less crowded, but entertainment and sports centers are filled with people.

Not many sales through out these three days, but its nearing end of the month, salary are coming into customer’s pocket soon. Its time to do some fast selling, close as many deals possible, and definitely must get as many WOWs as possible. Just read an e-book I got yesterday called: wow Selling by Hermawan Kertaja. Not bad, we have to get customer’s satisfaction up to WOW level to get more market share and so on. Gotta finish the book soon, and continue to Wow Marketing which I had bought the paperback last week from Gramedia Pekanbaru.

Well, as its public holiday, of course the mood is in holiday as well, but too bad we can’t go for holiday yet. Apart from the 2 days 1 night trip to Pekanbaru last week that is truly tiring. I have lots in mind to write down, but if I write it down simply, then it will be a messy article with lots of random thoughts and ideas. Time to read and write always hard to allocate, time to play always easy to have. That’s reality that most of us prefer. But whether you like it or not, if you want to succeed in life, spend sometimes reading, talking to experienced people, gain as many experience and knowledge possible. And lastly, put those ideas into actions.

I gonna make sure I get these ideas last: Law of Attractions, WOW selling, And most important thing is FOCUS.

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