Weekend Routine

So, its weekend again. As always, Saturday Sunday always less productive for me. Spend more of the time doing some products research, stock valuation, and some other plannings. Some important jobs were postponed for Monday to work on.

Its fine anyway, so long as I have to be 100% productive during weekdays. But as always now, 4pm my mind and body started to slow down. Its beeen really stuffy lately, luckily I’m on air conditioned office now, but still I can feel the heat.

Still trying to increase my sales, increase the amount of repeating customers and new customers. But obstacles are always there, some people just really don’t want that margin in their product sales, some people keep getting in the way, stealing our opportunities and channels, some doesn’t even want to accept the fact that we are the authorised dealer for this town and still purchase certain goods that we handle from other town. Eventhough the price is more or less the same.

Some are just really finding the cheapest, while they can still earn more with the price we provide. Conspiracy is everywhere. Trying to push each other down. That’s bad for business, but that’s Dumai. Kinda hard to get it right if no one wants to get along together. Anyway, thats ironic. Gotta enjoy this weekend. Its really hot, really.

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