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Case Study 1: Fast Respons

Came to my mind today that perhaps I should give more on my blog, and social media posts rather than posting all about myself and what I am doing.

So Today I gonna share a case study with you, and this will be a series of case studies from time to time, from my real life experience and encounter. If you find it hard to read in English, you can always use the google translate to help.

This case happens just yesterday, when a customer calls my wife for a quotation for a price. She just happen to almost fall asleep on her afternoon nap, suddenly this call came in. She responded to it immediately by asking me the price for the goods the customer asked for.

Turn out, that particular model is not in the market anymore and was replaced by a newer model. I immediately gave her the replacement model and the best price. One minute later, she calls me to get ready at the store front to entertain that customer, perhaps he wants somethings else or want to ask some questions.

I then walk to the store front, finding the customer already there and my salesperson is preparing the goods. He then check some other things, ask me the use and the best price for him. I then explained the product he is referring to is not as what he wants to function, I then offered him something that suits his need.

He straight away chose the best valued, ask for the discounted price, pay and go.

This is one type of customer that you really must take attention to, and respons FAST. Why?

While waiting for his receipt to be printed, he got a phone call from one of my competitor. The saying goes like this: I called you, but you did not respons, and I asked your sales, they do not have the stock. Sadly, I already bought one right now,  maybe next time yah.

I happen to listen to his respons clearly as he is just standing right in front of the cashier. So there you go, what If my Wife did not respons to the call, reject it and goes back to her afternoon nap? What if she did not call me immediately and I responded with the best options? What if our respons is just: Sorry, we don’t have that stock? Instead of checking what has happen to that particular product, what it is being replaced with? What are the alternatives?

This is very very important and crucial for your high closing intensity. Response FAST or Your competitor will get to your customer first.

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