2013 Year in Review and 2014 in Ideas

So, 2013 is ending soon. Resolutions? I bet I forgotten about them. Or maybe I don’t have any in specific. Just move on accordingly and trying to survive the competitions.

Overall, quite satisfactory.

Business wise, its been bad from March to July, and we are moving up again there after. Hopefully in 2014 we can perform better, and in term of management, better team work and better margin is probably what I wanted to achieve next.

Health wise, its up and down. Being on the way to loose some weight, then gained a lot of weight almost 90 Kg, and now drop back down to around 86 Kg. Gotta work out more, and add on varieties to my workout.

And Life wise, we got another baby, its a girl. 12 November 2013. This means, I have to work harder and be a wiser dad. Control emotions, teach kids better and spend more time with family.

I have came to realize some improvements in courage, mindset and decisions making. Hopefully I will grow better in 2014. Thanks to the moderator tasks given to me at one of the Indonesia’s First Sales community – KOMISI, I have come to learn lots of things and become wiser. By 2014, I hope I can join more events organized out there in Jakarta, and improve myself better.

Afterall, we need to make a balance in everything in this life. With balance, you can feel the ease and smoothness of tasks and days ahead you. Be faithful of what you have already had, don’t expect too much, but try to work it out for what you might deserve. You deserve better, then work for it. That’s it. Merry X’Mas and Happy New Year 2014.

And Happy Mothers day to all mothers out there (22 December 2013).

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