Dealing With Threat

Life has not been really smooth here in Indonesia. I don’t know why I still can’t let go my old life memories in other countries which are way better and safer. Seriously, this place has got something that you need security for. Feeling secure is the main necessity here. I need to feel secure and peace.

Sometimes doing business we met people with anger due to small problems or mistakes made, sometimes it can be solved in peace with proper talk. But once you encounter some people who really can’t understand your words and only has his words for granted, what can we do? I have been in this threat lately from one customer. We have not done any mistakes, just that his goods can’t be fixed and it takes sometimes for him to way for us to search for the spare parts. Just because of that waiting period and not able to fix it, the threat came. He doesn’t want to care about it at all, all he wants is the goods must be FIXED and working on a due date specified by the customer.

So, we did all we could negotiating and trying to find help from other third party specialist, and yet the spare part couldn’t be found and need sometimes to find. So, I was threaten with such WORDS of anger. I feel people like this still exist in this community, and they are still alive and kicking. Typical. Some told me not to be afraid of such people, they are just threatening and not even dare to resort to violence.

But as a Chinese Indonesian, the threat still exists for century. Eventhough now we are in a better era, where human rights are being treated equal, there are still people who are not listening and still feel they are the superior of all time. Being with this, I have to resorts to woman behind a man to help me out. Man to man talk will be more harsh, and I can’t take it. Indeed, playing with words are problematic. I was saying there is a 50% chance if spare part is available, and he was stating for himself that 99% is possible. And now wanting compesation for not fulfilling the words. Really troublesome and draggy. Should have braven myself that night and not offering any more chances or efforts in fixing the problem. And dare to face people’s anger which is unreasonable.

For now, its being pending again, and I have to live with threat in my mind. I wish this could be solved soon and continue with daily routines in peace. I was lucky to be away for 10 years from such community, and now I am back for 5 years and this is what I have to encounter. Sigh..

Of all, I was lucky enough to have all the supports from people around, neighbours and friends. Afterall, friends means a lot during good and hard time. Really must be thankful for whatever you have for now.

So, still not done and that fella is walking away for another day. Got an sms this morning saying what are our responsibilities in this matter? Well, we accept goods for service, our responsibilities is to keep the goods in the best condition we could, be it can be fixed or not. And we have done all we could, for 2 months period if you do not feel like waiting or trusting us please do so by cancelling it and we will return the goods in exact form as how we received it. Simple as that right? Do we have such an agreement like with AhLong that if we couldn’t fix that goods, we will be in trouble and will be fully responsible for it? Then I shall open AhLong’s business then. Sigh… terror is really annoying. I have tried to rest down the case for the night, telling myself that its not our problem anymore, goods are back, we will keep it until the customer willing to take it back. We won’t do anything further to fix it, as there will be no solution that can be done Quick and as how he wanted it to be.

So another day has passed, no end to this case. We just kept the goods safely here until any further initiative by the customer to collect it himself.

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