It Strikes Me Again

Its Sunday, and I manage to sort out some work after being absent from work for 4-5 days due to heavy headache.

Today, while watching some videos on Youtube, there are few interesting videos that makes me wonder. A Tour of Google Singapore’s Office, and a PSLE community message movie called “PSLE GO” PSLE is Primary School Leaving Examination, kind like UN Ujian Nasional in Indonesia.

You can watch the short movie here, video courtesy of Youtube:

From living in Malaysia for 8 years, then to Singapore for another 2 years, I’ve learnt better cultures and attitudes. I always cheer up, and have friends around me to support while being away from home. Anyway, Do you know why we always love Singapore made Movies? Especially the one directed by Jack Neo?

Because they are Educative and Has a True Consent in reality that we need to realise and act on.

For example Being loud on kids, shouting here and there to ask them to stop or even just to sit down peacefully won’t do any good. Instead they will turn wilder. Punishment? Beating? It won’t make them any good as well.

I am watching all these going on around my community, noticing them and trying to reflect on ours, whether we have done any better? Try to avoid all these or even getting our child involved in such situations.

Children went violent from watching and mimicking their surroundings. I am glad I have friends far out there in other towns who have positives way of dealing with anger, kids, and annoyances with a peace of mind and act. I have learnt to apply them, although I can’t make them right all time, but at least I must try and improve.

To a better Family, Kids and their Futures. Watch, Reflect, Learn, Act upon it and forgone all those harsh words and world. Lets live in peace and Happiness amongst every living beings.

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