What a Start of a Day

What A start of a Day. Really fed up with this community, sometimes we can bear it a little, but sometimes we just can’t take it in anymore.

Went out with motorcycle to buy a tumbler of coffee for my morning work, on the way back, I was driving in opposite direction as the other side of the road is blocked due to drainage works. So, half way through, met this damn fuck old man with motorcycle turning fast horning all the way from opposite direction. Very close, he passed by me in just 20cm difference. If I were to loose my cool, I could have punch that fuck old man in the face and fell off.

Really dumb fuck! You can see clearly that the road is being shared here, and fuck you for threathening people with your act.

Then move on to change motorcycle with car. So, wanted to be quick, I just park the motorcycle in gear 1 standby. Turn out my brain signals my body earlier than it should, whilst I moving down from the motorcycle, the other hand is pulling the gas and so the motorcycle is moving with me still on the way down. Scratched my calf with the steaming hot exhaust pipe. So, there you go, a calf with burnt skin and some skins peeled off. Oh great now I have another macho mark on my calf. The same calf, but the other side (had one while kids, caused by some stupid motorcyclist who was moving by when I was standing on the road side buying some food).

So, what a bad morning to start with. Sigh…

Afterall, I guess this is an aftereffect from the proverbs: Tabur Tuai. What you have done before, is reflected back to you sooner or later on.

but this place is just like hell full of dumbass that are so annoying.

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