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Howdy, I guess this blog has become more boring and less frequent. Shall try to find something good to fill up and be useful, since I dropped blog and moved on with this.

Well this year, I managed to leave my seat and go for KOMISI 3rd Anniversary in Jakarta, and its my first visit to Jakarta again since 4 years back in 2010 during Toshiba’s 50th Anniversary at Kempinsky Hotel Indonesia. Two years of KOMISI’s anniversary was missed since I didn’t dare to make a move. This year, I feel the strong pull to move me out of this comfort zone.

So finally I made my move by purchasing flight ticket way ahead, departed and earned the experience that is priceless and of course the friendship from all over Indonesia that is not easy to get just by sitting down in your hometown. And afterall, I get to see Indonesia in different perspectives. All this while, I learn that there are still plenty of illmanered person in my town, and when I go out of this province, arrived in another island, I see different way of people behaving and living. It seems like everyone was focussed at their work, their doings and manners in order to survive. But perhaps that is just another perspective from me, and it might be different with people from Jakarta.

As what the proverb says, the grass is always greener on the other side. Enough of the whinings, I should take things easier, more positively and then I can move on in a better way. My mind has told me to act positively, but the mouth and body is still not listening fully. Gotta practice more, clear all the negative thinking, learn to accept things in positive manner, and see from better prospectives.

Afterall, there are still lots of things to be done in my life. Success is never enough when there are better things than it. Good is never be enough when Better is still posible.

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