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I have been wondering, for many times, many experiences eversince I am back to this town in Indonesia. Is it the culture that really hard to change that makes some of the people are uncivilized and always wanted to be treated like a King?

Phrase of Customers is always a king never be always true, and not at every conditions. If we have lived overseas, or at least in a metropolitan where the growth is fast, people need to move fast, need to be discipline and survive by their own, we could understand and behave the way it should be. Self service is found in developed country a lot. How about Indonesia? I’ve been wondering if places like Jakarta, or other metropolitan cities, will the people do for themselves in order to recover or fulfil their needs?

I have a case here, which is not the first time, but plenty of the same I have been through. That is the local mindset that is totally wrong and outdated. They always demand their service is like a king.

Here is the situation: Ms. A purchase a tablet/smartphone/notebook or any electrical appliances that have 1 year warranty. That covers the hardware fault only. So, one day, anytime, let say after 6 months of usage, the particular device decided to be dead without any symptomps. Well, it seems to be manufacturing fault and covered under warranty. So we process the warranty. Problem is, we never be able to make sure how long does it take for the warranty claim to be done. For some people who never experience warranty claim before, they will demand immediate recovery. I want it now! 1 day? 1 week? and for some they can’t take it if it is up to a month or more.

There are many conditions to consider, and afterall we only able to help by sending it to the service center, and follow them up. And its depending on the service center’s ability to work every case out, and how fast they work. So, being a customer, some not willing at all to know what is going on behind that take it so long. All they want to know is what is your responsibility as the seller? They demand something more, like give a spare unit, or perhaps better change a new one for them immediately. Of course these are out of mind and at some point, and some circumstances, lending a spare unit is possible if you have already allocated some fund for it.

But for most of seller, we are not able to do so. And so what? Your phone is now spoilt and under warranty claim. You can’t work, or do your online sale. And for me myself, if I am met with such conditions, I will look for other alternatives my own. Put some effort to recovery what I have lost in work, and how can I proceed with my work and online business that rely on that particular device. Either I lend from a friend or relatives, spouse or parents? Or get a new one that cost slightly cheaper for a backup? You are doing business anyway, wouldn’t you think of backup?

No! That’s the reality here, they wouldn’t think of any self recovery at all. All they want is some expectation from you as the seller, to come up with solutions as good as possible, and as beneficial for them. So, I have to come up with some solutions, that of course win-win situation where I did not loose any funding, and they have their choices. You take it or leave it and wait for the claim to be done. Or you should actually REALLY come up with your own solution as you should know better your surroundings, your financial status, and how important that business is for you.

Sad but true! I hope it is not the same everywhere in Indonesia, and not the same for every customers out there. I have met one who have had only 1 laptops, and its spoilt. Need for warranty claim, but he wants to work! So? How am I responsible for your work? I am responsible to help you process the warranty claim as promised during the sales. And I am not responsible for any data, any loss caused by any fault to the device. Either you loose your job, loose your business, loose your data, or whatever. Grow up already! Its 2014, civilization is over, its Civilized now. Even the country is DEVELOPING country, not under-developed.

Too much nagging, too much unethical angers from the customers side, too much putting every responsibilities to us, too much of everything. Well, we tried for excellent customer service, excellent service recovery, but if all the demand is just self beneficial oriented, we are not able to do so. We are responsible for the goods we sell, we are not responsible for the impacts of that goods to your life or your work. I hate this town!

People said Singaporeans complaint alot, they want excellent service, well, yeah, but not to this extend. Some do actually, but I rarely met such kind. Mostly are understanding and able to think logically and reasonably. That’s from my experience with technical support job previously. I would appreciate if some of you who read this, would be able to share your thoughts over this.

Last but not least, anarchist acts are just everywhere in Indonesia. I’ve been wondering whether it is a safe country to live in. Wonder….

“All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself.” – Fred Van Amburgh

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