X-Pedo Cleat Pedal for DH/FreeRide

Got this for a friend, first impression was wow, not bad, at least I can stand on the pedal firmly before having to attach the cleat during climbing while off-road. Currently using Shimano XTR cleat pedal, with no skirting. Kinda hard to climb onto my bicycle during off-road condition. You know, like when you go uphill somewhere, or stuck somewhere in the middle of uneven terrain, you need some momentum to climb back on the bike, and with cleat, you have to attach the cleat most of the time first, then start moving. What happen when your tyre got stuck at certain edges and you have to get off the bike again? That’s troublesome.

Still thinking either to go for flat pedal or live with shimano XTR cleat pedal and try to get use to it.

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