Under Management

Its been sometimes since I visited this particular cafe. So far I visited 4-5 times since its opening day. All I had most of the time was Japanese Kare and some refreshing drink. First time it was great, 2nd time was great as well, and so on. Then we no longer go there since there are lots of mosquitoes. You know, its Dumai. Town full of mosquitoes cos the neighbourhood is DIRTY and full of Trash!

So, been wandering where to have dinner today, decided to give some visit and contribute. Its now Air Conditioned, and lesser mosquitoes. But its very quiet. Saturday night? Something not right. So ordered my favs, things turn out to be watery, not like Kare (curry), but more towards curry taste soup. Very watery and less flavor. So, turn out I had dinner with white rice, very little gravy, and three slices of fried chicken.

Tak puas pun. Can’t fulfill my apettite. But I did not workout today, can’t eat more. So while eating, we did some look around check, and give our verdict.

Under management is one, Cook problem is one (not standardised), mosquitoes management, and perhaps some events or community involvement is not routines. Decoration was good, creative, feel comfy and nice. Apart from it, everything else is below par. Turn out operating a Cafe is not that easy. You need to understand the market more, and adjust to it. And bring in more communities and groups to have event in it, or some special priviledge to certain group of people.

Some thing to learn at least. Wish then good luck then.

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