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Becoming a Role Model

To change people’s behaviour and mindset is not a simple job. And its not our job to change theirs too. Its our job to make sure ourself have the right behavior and the right mindset, so that the community we live in can get influenced by us and get the positivity.

Eversince I came back from Singapore, I always wanted my town, the people, the culture, the environment here to resemble the one I am experiencing in Singapore. Because, altoghether it is a different environment from what I have been living in during my twenties. For the past 10 years, I have been fighting overmyself with all the surroundings which I can’t change.

No matter how hard I try, no matter how bad I swear, these cultures and environments just can’t be as what I wish for. Indeed, I realize I am the one that needs to change first and hold on to that attitude and mindset. With positive mindset and great attitude, I can then influenced one by one people around me to have the good vibes as well.

The same in doing business, as a boss, I can’t really make my staffs change into what I wish for. Even I ask them to do what I have in mind is not so easy. Its their environment, which they choose to follow is the one that matters. If they could see their boss doing great things, high closings, easy closing, wise attitude with the customers and everyone, maybe they could adapt to it too. Then the rest will follow along.

In finding business partners too, its not easy to convince people that you are sincere, that you are not here to cheat their money, that you only want to work together as a team, as a partner, to achieve more and greater things. At first we might not what it might need to convince them, but we must show an example of how good leader we are, how tough we are towards objections, how sincere and persistence we are towards a dream or business that we want to excel in. If you can last, and you keep the hard work going, you shall find the best business partners around you soon enough. Its your magnet that attracts them.

You don’t even have to shout it out, or post every day on your social media that you are doing this business, you are having such a good advantage over this business, you learn a lot, you improve a lot through this business. You JUST HAVE TO DO and Become ONE. When you are there, these people who are in the same path and believe as you shall come to your side.

Do believe this, and be a Role Model for yourself that you will really admire, cherish and follow yourself. Learn from the best, Duplicate their actions, and Be One that deserves to be followed.

Hopefully this short article can help you find your dream and be your own Role Model.

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