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Letting Go and Concept of Perfection

There are two things I am studying on lately, first about letting go, and the other one is the concept of perfection.

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Letting go, is something when things aren’t going the way you like, they way you choose, or which could start an argument or debate; that is when you have to let go and get away. No point of fighting through it, because it only will hurt you more and no one gonna win in this matter. Just an ego. No more than that.

Sometimes on the road you met stupid driver, reckless driver, lousy daydreaming driver with nowhere to go in specific, and it boils your blood. Let go, wish them good luck, and stay calm and think clearly. You have your destination in mind, are you in a rush? No? Then wait for the barriers to go away and then you can proceed. Instead of horning and cursing, letting go is way better and your day won’t be spoilt.

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And one related thing is perfection. Sometimes you feel that this town sucks, the people sucks, everyone sucks and life here sucks big time. We wish for the better, more civilized and grown up kind of community. But we can’t change that for sure. Instead we are the one that need to change. Learn to accept. There must be a balance between perfection and imperfection. No one is perfect. To make a perfect world, we need a balance. There are people who lack in certain things, but they have their good in certain things as well. Understanding and trying to help each other makes your life and community perfect.

So, if there are lousy driver, annoying problems at works, mistakes made by employees, and any other annoyances and barriers if you treat them negatively, they will keep coming, keep haunting your day and finally you will explode. Loosing your cool, loosing your clear mind, even when you try to speak clearly you can’t do it. That’s ironic. Because a magnet for negativity will grow stronger and more bad things are coming to you. That’s from the human magnet’s perspective. Stop it, get away, clear your mind and thoughts, think again from the positive side, and it will all go away and clear sky will be seen.

What a life in the start of 2014. I feel lonely, bored and no life in this community. But afterall, I need to adjust, forget the past that is so good and filled with friends. Its time to make a new one here at this very old town. Or worst of all, get away and start a new life.

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