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Pursuing What You Dream For

Its everyone’s right to dream, and to dream what they want to have, what they want to be. But there is a need for an anchor to make that dream possible. If the anchor is just for finding luxury and getting richer, it won’t be effective much. Imagine if you have a dream to get that 500 million Rupiah’s income every month, but not to enjoy the luxury life, but to be able to help people around you, to share some of it with the charity, to give better education for your kids and their futures, to invest and save for retirement and successors, then it might be more achievable.

And I believe God will be even more glad to help by showing you the way, guiding you through the path to success.

There must be no negativity thoughts on your dream, like I can enjoy my life if I achieve this, I can spend whatever and wherever I want, I can go drinking everynight with friends, or even pay for all the entertainment.

If you have the solid and reasonable reason for your dream, then Pursue it, Fight for it. Don’t look down or back anymore.

I hope this short article will help you all who are in trouble moving on, and have been stuck at one situation for sometimes. Like me, I have been living this enough to live’s business for 2 years and has not been improving much lately. Well, I am grateful for what I have now, I am thankful for what God has given me, the family, the business, friends, and all the time I have. But I have one dream, to have a better income, to support everyone in family, to invest for my kids and retirement, and be able to help anyone in need. I must Achieve this; This Year, and not next year, and not the year after. Start from now. Because I have the reason to.


Andi Wu

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