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What I’ve Done

What I've Done
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Saturday morning, normally turns out to be a light and easy weekend for me. Still working though, thinking of what to jot in this little new blog of mine.

I’ve done quite lots of things lately, changes, actions and anything that I’ve been finding it hard to start on. Finally I made it. I made the move, and it works. I feel lighter now. Good things are coming, as long as you plant the good seeds in your mindset and attitude. So do my staffs here at work. The sales persons are working better now, they feel more happy than before, no more boringness.

Next to be motivated and taught lessons are the technicians who were still not knowing how to proceed and do. One by one, I am going towards the road where I have been dreaming for.

How I manage to start the action? Thanks to the continuous support and motivation from fellow friends, families, and lately through Community which I have the chemistry in – KOMISI (Komunitas Sales Indonesia / Indonesia Sales Community). I am not a sales person by profession or anyhow, but I do feel that I am a sales too now eventhough I ran a business and a director of a company. How is it so? Its inyou! Sales in You! We are all born to be sales.

I’ve read lots of books, few that are really good. Turn out the inner passion in me, and soon I am turning on the passions in all my employees as well through motivation. Learning management is really not easy. It takes time, and practice. Trial and Error, Good and Bad, and all sorts of barriers that are preventing you to reach the perfections.

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Below is a quote taken from Linkin Park’s songs: What I’ve Done, it can mean a few things, but in this article, I gonna look from the positive perspective.

What I’ve done
I’ll face myself
To cross out what I’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what I’ve done

What have we done before, let it be the past. Lets face the future, and look on what you should do right now. Keep on going forward.

There are still lots to do, long path to go through, and lets do it bit by bit without procrastinating further.

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