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Another Routines

Its the thirties, a more matured life, plus two children to raise. Just another routines like in 2011 when I had my first child. But this time, we gotta change for the better.

Three goals:

  1. Get back in shape
  2. Live a healthy lifestyle
  3. Earn more Money!

Apparently, End of 2013 is approaching, I don’t actually make a list of resolutions, but definitely something I need to change for the better.

What I missed the most is my lifestyle in Singapore, The Healthy Life Style while still enjoying life at some times.

So, even if I stayed in such uncivilized town, not so fast developing town and country, I still could make the change or at least some preparations for the future.

Shall have more range of workouts, even though its raining outside on the work out time, I can always do some other work out indoor.

Cutting down calories intake, cutting down on unnecessary expenses, and go out and make that business running FAST and Steady UP the escalator.

Just another starting week of my life after having our 2nd child.

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