Hello 2012


Hello 2012, its 1 January 2012 now. Of course its something new, old calendars were thrown away, replaced with brand new shining calendar of year 2012. That means, lets throw away all the bad memories and look forward for better living in this very year of 2012.

Obviously for me, lots of things to be done still, first stay healthy and exercising which I failed right after few vacations. Too busy chasing for the business target. Indeed, good things turn out for my business, closed the year 2011 with great achievements and seems to be on a great flow already. Building up a Private Limited starting from Today, though still waiting for the registration process which too so damn long.

Eventhough today is holiday, I gotta work to sort out my stocks for the accounting system, test out the Microsoft Access for Services Tracking (yes, I just found out they have issue tracking template database and many more useful templates for SME), sort out the debit and credit account cos some debtors just pain in the ass and didn’t clear all before new year come, and sort out a Standard Operating Procedure for the sales process and services. Seems like plenty of work to be done in a day huh? Hope it works out fine, at least 50% shall be accomplished.

So, Happy New Year, enjoy whatever you are doing, do it really good. Lots to achieve right from today onwards, and long way to go.

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