Life Challenges and Staying Consistent

Well, life has not been really easy and well balanced when you are reaching your early 30s. I’m gonna be 30 soon, having my 2nd child soon near the end of this year, and so life challenges has become harder and tougher now.

As you can feel if you are in the same position, being entrepreneur is not an easy job to do. Plus if you have a team which still needs lots of improvements and guidance. I am trying to automate everything in this business of mine without having to waste most of my time with small details which can be done by my apprentices. I like the world aprrentice here, since watching The Apprentice Asia. 🙂 From that tv serial itself, I learn how hard the world is, in order to become big and go national perhaps? (not international yet).

Definitely I have to earn more, work harder, smarter and STILL MUST keep the well balanced life (Eat, live, sleep, work out, family, entertainment, enjoy). Definitely lots to learn there to reach such balance. Lately I feel when I am working on 1 thing, another thing will be ignored and sacrificed. We have to choose wisely which to work on first, which to improve first, and then proceed further. Closing one eye on small problems and mistakes made by the apprentices sometimes really necessary. If I were to focus too much on their mistakes rather than how to improve everything overall, I would have stressed too much.

Not much workout too lately. I need a life. Sometimes I feel workaholic, sometimes I feel like athlete and I need to work out hard, sometimes I feel like CEO and I need to relax and enjoy my life. Definitely having any one of them right now is not good. Instead I have to balance them out, and live healthy first, then I can perform way better. My noise is getting louder as well lately, rising my voice on every mistakes made by my apprentices, rising my voice when my kid is being annoying and not listening, and so on. Not a good sign of course. I need to escape and go for a bicycle ride or swim and clear this mind out.

On the working out, I am not really sure of how I Get this pain on the middle back spine. Sore feeling on one spot keeping me away from exercising. Afraid of getting worst or something bad. Apparently the soreness is lesser now. Maybe I need to check back on my bicycle geometry to see if that is causing this back strain. Then do some swimming to have overall body exercise. And that gonna cost me Rp. 500.000 monthly just for that membership. Its ridiculous that they increase the membership fee from Rp. 350.000 to Rp. 500.000 just to kick out the crowds and reasoning by adding a trainer? We don’t need trainer, we need the place, the ambience, and the budget of course. Rp. 500.000 is not much if I were to earn Singapore Dollar, comparing to my Fitness First monthly membership fee which multiple times of that, of about Rp. 1.120.000. But sacrifices sometimes need to be made.

Financial management is crucial right now as well for me. I need to add on alternate income generating businesses or assets, and finding more products that I can earn more for my business. Income is really low right now. Can’t even paid for my monthly salary requirement. But that’s my mistake of not taking good care of the accounting right from the start. Since I just started it for a month, then I should monitor closely for few more months now and find the area to improve much on. Staffs retrenchment? I feel like having one, but not sure if it impacts the income as well. Since we had one technicians lesser on July, income stays the same as well for services. Hopefully this month with the other technicians back again, services income shall increase. And sales should increase as well. Sometimes these people just don’t want to be voluntary in learning and we need to feed their brain with information and skills we had. And that waste my times as well. I need someone more capable to handle all that tasks for me, and I can focus more on finding prospects and doing all the customer relationsip to increase sales by Value rather than PRICE. Price really has become a big issues here in this very small town where people are economically not really great. Even the rich are checking on price as well, and the poor sometimes doesn’t even matter about the price but needs the VALUE and quality of service.

Human is really hard to understand and sometimes we have to keep on evoluting to find the the perfect way of handling them.

That’s all for now for this Sunday brain storming. Everything that has been on my mind has been put on here. Hopefully I can get it through and good things shall come. And lastly a well balanced life is what I gonna have from now on.

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