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Maintaining Motivation and Make a Habit

Starting a long lost habit is hard, keeping it last is even harder. But once we are halfway through, the goal is visibly clear. Started routine exercise now, although sometimes feel like taking break from all those muscles soreness, but that’s a real effect after not exercising the whole body for quite sometimes.

After taking break from swimming since Friday (cos its a public holiday and the pool for sure very crowded), Saturdan and Sunday no exception as well. Although I can cycle on that day, but I did not manage to do so. This body just ask for rest, plus the not so good quality sleep on the night, the body resist more.

So, yesterday I tried paddling on freestyle for approximately 1 hour, and now I feel all the muscles that are being worked on. Triceps, latisimus, and abs. They are in sore now. Good sign perhaps. No pain no gain. Gotta add some weight training to assist the muscles from burning more fat faster. This will come of course.

Now I have to maintain the routines, Mon-Friday swim, Sat-Sun cycling. Add some short weight training before these workout. Should go easy on each following day for recovery. Next is to control the diet and I am off towards my goal. Diet is the hardest part of course, because this habit comes from the surrounding the most.

Afterall, doing some workout router than none is always better. And hopefully can reduce stress from facing such incompetency and silly mistakes done by employees. Afterall its hard to have a perfect employee. Life oh life.

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