Another Early Day

So, today was my 2nd day waking up earlier to send Ashley to school, cos my dad is out town. Result from the previous day early wake, I fell asleep earlier last night around 9pm. Plus a 27km bicycle ride on road bike in the afternoon, that makes the body need a hibernation. So didn’t follow much the TV shows last night – Hitam Putih as I fell asleep already after my 1 episode of Hawaii Five O Season 4.

My nature alarm woke me up at 6am, but I continue to sleep till 6.30 till the real alarm buzz. Same routines, go for nearer coffee shop but spend more time talking with one customer about tech. Then got home earlier than yesterday, started all my browsing tasks. Another ride today and I can reach to minimum of 3 hours ride a week on bicycle towards my lean body. Hopefully I can make it, and it shall be my routines.

Afterall, I thought maybe we really have to take good care of our body and health, and work more to earn more money for our retirement and for our kids. So, definitely lesser playing around during working hours. Find more sources of income, or else fight for revenue increase in the current business.

Have a wonderful Thursday. I love seeing the morning sun every morning. I shall take few shots tomorrow for my Instagram.

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