Reflections of Life Journey since 2008

This morning, I was driving around town to find breakfast. Its hard to find a perfect breakfast everyday, as there are not much options available here. If you want eat healthy, get it done at home. If you wanna eat out, its quite boring if you are doing it everyday. Some place are crowded, some place serve good coffee, but some place serve good food but no good coffee.

Once I dream of making one coffee shop myself that have both in balance, good coffee, good food with options, and of course two kinds of environment. Separate the smoking and non smoking area. Just a simple one, opens from 6.30 AM or 7.00 AM, closed by 10.00 PM? Fulfils all needs, be it breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner, or perhaps hanging out with friends or business partner. That was one of my dream.

Well of course the other one is to start a system builder or we called it System integrator business that covers networking and computer infracstructure building. That was one of a biggest dream I have ever come across. Of course lots of learnings and bravery needed to be able to start that.

Lets put that to my future plan. Now back on reflections of life journey since 2008. Why I came across this idea of posting it down? As nearing the year end people normally write about 2013 reflections, and 2014 resolutions. I have written that before. This time, its something I have been wanting to write down for long, and perhaps share it out. So I have a clear vision, or perhaps I could recall it in the future in my success. Lets start with a background before 2008 first.

Having had studied in Malaysia for 10 years (from high school to college), I have come to learn many cultures and way of life. Its sad that my hometown is so sucks up till today. So, I proceed to Singapore for my career in IT. Spent 5-6 months jobless. Come on, 1st Class Degree with no one interested in? Well that’s working life. They don’t look at your degree, instead your working experience, your certifications and your status (Permanent Residents?). Luckily I manage to lay my hands on a job somewhere in March or April 2006. That whole week I have had many interviews assigned, and one of it was successful and I signed with the company. Although I have another offer from friend’s recommendation which might be better, we never know, so I stick to the former one and can’t make it to the other interview since I have already signed with them.

Work for almost 2 years there, gained my PR through the company although they resist from providing the recommendation letter to ICA, but my hardworks and explanations did turn out helpful and my PR was approved even without the company’s recommendation letter. I guess I have a good background. Then comes year 2008 where I was being called back to Indonesia. I was offered another job at a friend’s ex company, which give me a choice, whether to stay at current company and finish that 3-4 months journey in Singapore, or move to a new company to gain more experience? Afterall experience is what more important, I changed my job and become an IT helpdesk from a Technical Support. Lighter job, higher pay, and I work for like 4 months there and left for Indonesia. It was early 2008, I left for good. Left all my great lifestyles, shopping, gym life, body combat, all great friends, great hangout life, and my everyday Orchard Road’s life.

Back to hometown in Indonesia, no idea what to do. Went to Jakarta to look for opportunities and ideas, meet up with few pioneer in networking industry, met with few IT distributors, and then so I decided to open up a computer store. Better than nothing. There’s always a small start to a huge achievements. Start small Aim Big. Started off my shop with not much goods, and mostly are based on my knowledge before in college. Slowly learn from friends, relatives and supplier. I was lucky to have found some supportive suppliers who are willing to guide in the price setup, and how to manage things.

I started off solo without any employees. So its one man show. Apparently if you open up a shop in 2013 with one man show, you are as good as DEAD. So, I manage to get through the first years, 2nd year, 3rd year, and so on. Got my first employees through industrial training assigned to my shop, and slowly we grow up as big as today. The first 4 years development was really fast, and we gained a lot of customer’s trusts. Even I delivery goods sometimes at night just to fulfill customer’s needs. Sometimes we even travel quite far to delivery goods. Start up days are really good memories.

Had few employees changes through out the years, some even gave their resignation as a new year gift. Slowly I learn way of management, way of employing, and skills as sales person, technician, manager, accountant, director, and how an enterprise works. Even I learnt about taxes as well nowadays. There’s a lot to learn to reach to this stage. So, we have reached a mid age kind of life, where business tend to slow down a little, more competitors, tougher economy, and people’s demands are harder to understand.

By 2013 around March, we came through a Bad time, where all sales dropped more than 50%. We lost customers, we lost all because of price? I guess I never learn much what are the causes. And I have lost my cool since then. Up till July, we still face the drop, and I started my real first accounting system that I purchased few months back. Since then, we started to rise again. August up, we manage to score a balance, and a moderate achievements. Now, we need to keep it up higher, by doing more and gain more profit thereafter. But first we must get as many new customers possible.

So, here we are 2013, with three sales, two technicians, one cashier, and one multifunction bos. I am going to learn more, and manage better there after to reach my future plans and dreams. Glad to know KOMISI – Komunitas Sales Indonesia and all friends I have made through this journey. We are definitely going up now, and no more going down.

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