Some Updates

Well, this blog has been abandoned for quite sometimes. Lots of things of course has been through. Busy with almost everything. Actually we will always be busy in this life, its just how we manage our time. There is always time for something if we wish for.

At this moment, I wish I have another long break from all this problem. Although I have just finished my holiday which is not fully fun, but I just glad I had it, now when I am back to this town and handling the business again, I have to face all sorts of problems. Incompetent staffs, technicians, well I just never had the time to train and lead them to do things right and better. Sometimes we just wish they are wilingly learn and find out things for themselves. Dont just wait and being spoon fed. Afterall this is a business environment; you have to be aware and equipped all the time.

I am learning the law of attraction here, trying to understand it deeper. It feels really nice when you achieve things when you are on high mood and feel energetic. But when I am down, faced with continuous pressures and problems, I will loose my cool and the hold on the positive mindset. Trying very hard to stay positive, trying to get rid of the negative thinking and so the magnet to bad things will be gone. And I can pull for the better again. ARghhhh practice makes perfect, I hope before this year ends, I can make all my dreams come true. All the resolutions to be fulfilled.

Afterall, I can’t rant too much, as these problems resulted from myself. I have to look into myself to find the problem, and fix it, so that my surroundings will be better and move on like how I wanted it to be. Cheers.

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