Survival of The Fittest

As the title suggests, we are in the era of open market. Everyone can sell, even right from their phone and home. Thinking about retail, makes me wonder, which way shall we go?

As we know, there are plenty of brands in smartphone industry itself. A lot came into Indonesia, and not little left for home too. Only the fittest can last. Maybe those who left are not in the right track, not in the right favor of Indonesia’s market. Industry’s giant of course keep dominating, and has the largest market share. Not saying about the brand only, but the Distributors and Large Retailers.

What do we do as a small retail that wanted to go big? Online? But its already bleeding out there. Colabs? Who do we collaborate with? Who will want to collaborate with us?

This has become my thoughts lately. Small retails vs Big Retails which the latter sells aggresively, having the power of large customer base, how could a small retail gain its special interests? I’ve one vision came through my mind last night, a vision of my 1 building store, focusing on just a few brands, getting better and better, gaining more customer base, and succeed in this belief: “Focus on the Strong Brand which Gives Hope and Support Continuously”. Don’t be led by offerings from others that might distract you from your focus, know your stand, refocus, and Fight for it.

Well, that should help. Let’s see how’s the fight for the fittest in this open market era will become in the near future.

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