Work Hard, Work Smart and Live Smart

So, another stage of life. Turning 30 in just few more weeks. Even my business has turned its 5th years of operation. Started from zero, with empty shelves and zero knowledge of hardwares and hardware assembly.

Having my second child soon near the end of this year, and doctor said its a Girl. 🙂 Well, a child is a blessings for us, and for us to raise to become the great successor and great person for this world.

I have had a few thoughts lately, of how people cope with their mid life. When we are still studying at high school, then go to college, we care not much about our health, our future, how we take care of our body, our brain, our knowledge and skills. Apparently we succeed and here we are now. Some of us even got successful at young age. Some started with hard life, some lives balanced normal life with all the basic needs. Its up to us to choose where we want to go, and how we want to live the rest of our life.

Reaching to 30s is a new challenge by itself. We need to be more matured, escalate the business in order to fulfil the increasing needs for moolah and savings for future. Lots of other things as well, including taking good care of our body so that we won’t get into any disease or fatal sickness later on. So we can live our lives fully to see our children grow up and reaching their success.

Well, its about time to have some reality check, and fix the bads, and cherish the goods. All but not least, live and work smarter.

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