You Can’t Blame the Environment and the Community

I love Tuesday. Why? Because on Tuesday, I get to watch my weekly Yowamushi Pedal anime new release, and 7-8am we got Smart Talk by James Gwee at Radio SmartFM Jakarta. Start the day with great motivation, add some entertainment in middle, and finish off all the tasks by end of the day.

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Yesternite, we watched a Singapore Movie, called We Not Naughty. Its about family, school and life full of angers and violence. But in the end it tells us what is the lessons to be learn from that movie. At time it get me frustrated and anxious. But in the end, lessons learnt.

One thing I still remember that is being said by the teacher to two of his students who were about to indulge in gangster’s jobs. These two students were not being cared well by their parents and family, and they were always looked down upon. So, the phrase for them is: You cant blame the community, the environment, your parents and your school for what you have become. If you do wrong things and get jailed, can your parents replace you? Can your community replace you? No. Its all depends on you, what you do and how you can do to be better for yourself. Its about how you focus on your journey, rather than the surroundings, about how you adjust.

Afterall, my life is kinda upside down lately eversince the holiday. I once read today online that if you are angry very often, you will get bad symptomps to your health such as gastric, anxious feeling, every little small nuinsance will get you mad, and even heart attack? Well of course I should stop getting angry and not getting heart attack. Afterall this anger is something building up over time. We never know when it will strike.

So, what I should do now is ADJUST, Get AWAY and FOCUS on my life, family and career.

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